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Jennifer Johnson

Canada, Newfoundland

B.M., Honors Performance Degree, Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina
Body Mapping Educator Sponsoring Teacher, 2010
Author, What Every Violinist Needs to Know About the Body (GIA Publications, 2009)
Licensed Body Mapping Educator, 2005

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer held the position of Principal Second Violin of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and second violin of the Atlantic String Quartet for twelve years. During that time, she performed regularly with artists of international acclaim including Krystof Penderecki, Dennis Brott, Patrick Gallois, Rivka Golani, and Anton Kuerti. In 2004, a generous grant from the Canada Council for the Arts funded a 7-month Alexander Technique sabbatical for Jennifer which permitted her to study throughout Europe and the United States with many of the world’s leading Alexander Technique teachers. Some of these teachers included Pedro de Alcantara, Alex and Joan Murray, Walter Carrington, and Barbara Conable. Jennifer went on to train with Barbara Conable and in 2005 became Canada’s first Licensed Body Mapping Educator.

She now presents Body Mapping workshops internationally, working with musicians who are interested in learning to enhance their musical ability and to prevent injury through a clear understanding of how their bodies are designed to move. She is a Body Mapping Educator Sponsoring Teacher.

Principal Second Violin, Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, 1993-2005
Second Violin, Atlantic String Quartet, 1993-2005

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