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Teach the Power of Intentional Movement

Become a Licensed Body Mapping Educator

Help others reduce tension

Reduce, prevent, and eliminate performance-related injuries

Learn self-awareness, practical anatomy, and efficient and dynamic movement

  • Teach the Power of Intentional Movement to help others play efficiently and dynamically

  • Work with a Licensed Body Mapping Educator to become a more expressive performer and engaging teacher

  • Train to teach the What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body™ course to help others avoid injury 

  • Study our ABME Teaching Manuals to teach injury prevention


  • Our monthly webinar series given by members and guests

  • ABME anatomical images created by medical illustrator Holly Fischer

  • Our ABME Idea Forum, so you can participate in discussions with Licensed Body Mapping Educators to further your knowledge about the body in movement

  • An annual Visible Body subscription

  • ABME conference discounts

  • ABME Newsletter subscription

  • Online Body Mapping classes with our Sponsoring Teachers and Training Mentors

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“Andover Educators (Body Mapping) provided critical information and a safe space for me to recover from the physical and emotional pain that plagued my playing.  I have a unique skill set now that I carry with me through all of life's challenges, and that I empower others with as well.”


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Who are we?

The Association for Body Mapping Education is a not-for-profit organization of musicians teaching the power of intentional movement to enhance musicians’ expressive capabilities while preventing, reducing, and eliminating performance-related injuries. Clear, concise, and practical information about movement is presented in the course What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body™.

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I am interested in becoming licensed to teach Body Mapping. Where do I begin? 

Musicians interested in becoming licensed will first join ABME as an affiliate member. Then you’ll begin working with a Licensed Body Mapping Educator (LBME) to become licensed yourself.


How can I join as an affiliate member? 

Our affiliate member application can be found at Affiliate membership includes access to the ABME Idea Forum, monthly webinars given by members and guests, an annual Visible Body subscription, an ABME Newsletter subscription, online Body Mapping classes with our Sponsoring Teachers, and conference discounts. 

The affiliate membership benefits sound great! Can I still become an affiliate member even if I am not interested in becoming a Licensed Body Mapping Educator?

Yes! Affiliate membership is open to anyone who wishes to support our work. Affiliates may or may not work toward becoming a Licensure Trainee


What is involved in the training process to become a licensed body mapping educator?  

Training Guidelines can be found at

How do I know when I am ready to teach Body Mapping?

Training is complete when a trainee has received a license to teach the course What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body® from the Association for Body Mapping Education. Trainees are evaluated on their:

  • Verbal skill in conveying course information

  • Integrity and use of visual aids

  • Ability to demonstrate what is being taught with their own instrument

  • Ability to observe and coach course participants in awareness and refinement of their body maps



Have more questions about Body Mapping? Please visit our FAQ page.​

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