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Alexander Technique International

Alexander Workshops Inc.

Workshops in Columbus, Ohio, organized by William Conable, creator of Body Mapping.

Andover Educators Japan

Choral Mapping

An online Body Mapping curriculum for use in the choral classroom.

Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

As described, a thorough site with a section for musicians and many links, maintained by Robert Rickover, an Alexander teacher in Lincoln, Nebraska.


David Gorman, a multitalented, multicontinent Alexander Teacher with an interesting new project.

Mountain Peak Music

Publishes innovative method books for musicians who wish to stay healthy and become more efficient

A website for injured oboists and others interested in playing the oboe with free movement.

Performing Arts Medicine Association

The Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) is a non-profit professional organization for physicians and other professional persons who are involved in treatment and/or research in the field of Performing Arts Medicine.

Seattle Guitar Circle

Seattles GuitarCraft associates with Alexander Technique links.

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

The American Society of the Alexander Technique

The Musician's Way Blog

Comprehensive resource by Gerald Klickstein that helps musicians become successful artists and professionals

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