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“Posture?” What do you mean? Contextual and intentional language use for teaching Body Mapping

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Bridget Rennie-Salonen

In this presentation, I will explore the use of language and terminology around the word ‘posture’, presenting a range of definitions, disciplinary understandings, and applications. Identifying what it means to health professionals, somatic educators, and studio music teachers, the aim is to enhance our understanding of a commonly used word in diverse music learning and musicians’ health and wellbeing settings. An interdisciplinary theory of optimal posture based on a biopsychosocial framework which sensitively incorporates musicians’ artistic and wellbeing requirements, will be further developed and improved through applying Body Mapping learning outcomes, conceptual foundations, and preferred terms.

Award-winning flutist and academic, Bridget Rennie-Salonen is a sought-after performer, educator, and musicians’ health practitioner. Her research and leadership in Performing Arts Health is ground-breaking for South Africa. Focusing on integrating optimal artistic performance with well-being and health promotion, her research includes musicians’ health education and health literacy; somatics; sensorimotor retraining; and performance psychology. Based at Stellenbosch University; Bridget holds certificates in Performing Arts Medicine and Functional Movement Anatomy; is Licensed Body Mapping Educator and Training Mentor, is researcher on the Musicians’ Health Literacy Consortium; is commissioner on the International Society for Music Education; and chairs the SA Performing Arts Health Association.

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