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Teaching the Art of Movement in Music

Explanation of ABME's purpose.

The Association for Body Mapping Education is a not-for-profit organization of musicians teaching the power of intentional movement to prevent and eliminate performance-related injuries through self-awareness, practical anatomy, and efficient and dynamic movement. Licensed Body Mapping Educators teach the art of movement through the course “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body”.

Taught in universities, colleges, conservatories, and private studios world-wide, Body Mapping encourages wellness, enhances musicians’ expressive possibilities, and fosters music making without limitations. Body Mapping invites us to replace our faulty body maps with anatomically correct maps in order to reduce tension and allow for effortless and expressive movement. 

Woman demonstrating spine length with skeletal model.

In Body Mapping, one learns to gain access to one’s own body map through self-observation and self-inquiry. The student corrects his or her own body map by assimilating accurate information provided by kinesthetic experience, the use of a mirror, anatomical models, books, pictures, and teachers. One learns to recognize the source of inefficient or harmful movement and how to replace it with movement that is efficient, elegant, direct, and powerful based on the truth about one’s structure, function, and size.

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ABME is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation may be tax deductible according to law.

"I observed Amy Likar's Body mapping course and found it to be a revelation. Not only was it informative in great detail, and relevant in some or all points to all people who walk on two feet, it was fascinating in the way it dispelled myths most of us carry about our anatomies."


Second Flute, Retired

Cleveland Orchestra

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