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Suzanne Stone

Nevada, Las Vegas

Licensed ABME, NCVS Trained Vocologist

Suzanne Stone

Suzanne M. Stone, originally hailing from Pocatello, Idaho, embarked on an inspiring musical journey across countries and continents, shaping her love for music and singing. Now based in Las Vegas, she wholeheartedly pursues her passion for expressive engagement through the voice.

Her musical odyssey began with the piano at age five, an intense desire for a silver flute at age seven, and sheer intrigue and determination for the organ at age fifteen, which sparked a fascination for exploring various musical instruments. Yet, it is the human voice that resonates with Suzanne on a personal level. Her relentless pursuit of masterycente rs around this extraordinary instrument.

Inspired by her mother, a remarkable performer and educator, Suzanne established her own inclusive private studio. Diversity forms the foundation of her teaching philosophy, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and supported on their vocal journey.

Having worked with diverse individuals worldwide, Suzanne has guided students, taught music courses, and nurtured aspiring singers through private instruction and coaching. Her commitment to ongoing education empowers her to help others discover and nurture their vocal gifts.

Driven by her experiences, Suzanne goes beyond traditional coursework, delving into vocology and seeking to deepen her knowledge. She emphasizes evidence-based practices and performance strategies while prioritizing the well-being of her students.

In her fulfilling journey, Suzanne witnesses the growth of her students and experiences the joy of seeing them confidently showcase their accomplishments. Guiding them to discover their authentic voice and thrive as expressive vocalists is her ultimate goal.

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