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Stephanie Bernards


M.M. Piano Performance at Portland State University under the study of Professor Lisa Marsh

B.M. Piano Performance at Central Washington University under the study of Dr. John Pickett

Stephanie Bernards

Stephanie Bernards is a pianist and vocalist based in Portland, Oregon whose main goal in both instruction and performance is to empower others to find and use their authentic voice as a musician.

After receiving her Master’s degree in classical piano in 2012, Stephanie spent two years touring as the pianist for indie-pop group The von Trapps in addition to making guest appearances with internationally-renowned ensemble Pink Martini. Now she loves performing jazz and original music of her own. Stephanie’s original music and live performances are an expression of raw vulnerability and honesty; Stephanie believes that by owning her authentic voice, she can empower herself and her audience.

Stephanie’s mission as an educator and performer is to encourage others to embrace their own creative, unique musical voices.

Stephanie is also a huge advocate for healthy movement when playing or singing music, which is why she became licensed in Body Mapping for Musicians, a form of somatic education that helps promote facility and prevent injury when practicing and performing. She teaches individual and group sessions on this somatic information and derives great joy witnessing the transformation that the information can provide

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