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Monica Sanders

Oregon, Portland

B.A. in Romance Languages, University of Oregon
M.A. in Music, Portland State University
Licensed Body Mapping Educator, 2005

Monica Sanders

Monica Sanders is a pianist, piano teacher, and Licensed Body Mapping Educator in Portland, Oregon. Monica trained with Barbara Conable and Lisa Marsh through the Coordinate Movement Program at Portland State University. She teaches piano and body mapping for musicians at her studio in Portland. Movement exploration is a daily practice for Monica through a variety of activities including making music, playing basketball with her family, playing soccer with her dog, hiking, backpacking, running, and discovering the physical joy in completing simple tasks with inclusive awareness and presence. Together with her students, she helps them discover, maintain, and appreciate their natural balance and awareness, and to develop a repertoire of movement and whole body coordination to serve their music making and other areas of their daily life.

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