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Jackie Mcllwain

Mississippi, Hattiesburg

DM - Florida State University (2010)
MM - Indiana University-Bloomington (2007)
BM - Middle Tennessee State Univ (2005)

Jackie Mcllwain

Dr. Jackie McIlwain, Assistant Professor of Clarinet, began teaching at The University of Southern Mississippi in 2013. She enjoys keeping a diverse and active performance schedule with solo recitals, chamber recitals, solo performances, and orchestral concerts. In 2017 Dr. McIlwain became a Licensed Body Mapping Educator, which allows her to teach Body Mapping. This body awareness technique teaches anatomy and physiology of the body and how this knowledge can help us release tension and move more efficiently. Body Mapping was created specifically to help musicians perform with more freedom and ease as well as to aide in injury prevention and recovery.

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