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Hiroko Kawai


​B.A.,Music Education, Hiroshima National University
M.A., Education and Singing Performance from Tokyo-Gakugei National University
Licensed Body Mapping Educator, 2001

Hiroko Kawai

Hiroko Kawai is a lyric soprano from Japan who has studied in Germany and the Netherlands. She has performed with Ernst Ottensammer, the principal clarinetist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as with the Stravinsky String Quartet from St. Petersburg, and with the Dvorak Chamber Orchestra from Slovakia. She has also performed in numerous solo recitals throughout western Japan. Her major teachers include Marianne Blok, Elly Ameling, Rudolf Jansen, and Takehisa Kinoshita (for singing); Yehezkel Ein-Shay and Barbara Conable (for the Alexander Technique); Alfred Tomatis and Dominique Cannet (for the Tomatis Method); and Masaaki Hayakawa (for conducting).

Hiroko taught at Fukuyama University and Fukuyama-Heisei University, and is currently a vocal instructor at Chugoku College and the Asahi Culture Center. In addition, she offers private lessons for voice and Body Mapping in her home studio. Since 2000, she has also conducted the Fontana Kurashiki Chamber Choir. Currently, Hiroko lives in western Japan, and is available to teach “What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body” and “What Every Singer Needs to Know about the Body” at any location.

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