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Gabriela Sanchez Diaz

Canada and Latinoamerica

M.M. Percussion Performance, University of Ottawa
M.G.S. Embodiment and Performance, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Licensed Body Mapping Educator, 2014

Gabriela Sanchez Diaz

Gabriela is a Licensed Body Mapping Educator and a trained classical percussionist. Applying Body Mapping into her playing has changed her music making and the relationship with her body. Gabriela strongly believes that awareness in the body not only helps to reduce the risk of injuries and pain in the body, but that it creates a solid connection between the music and the performer. Gabriela also teaches in Spanish.

As a percussionist, Gabriela has played with several orchestras and ensembles in Mexico and Canada. Besides classical music, she enjoys experimenting with sound and improvising.

Gabriela also holds a master’s degree in Gender Studies where she studied the effects of Body Mapping in women musicians in relation to their perception of their bodies, classical music, and notions of gender. As part of this project, she created a workbook for women studying Body Mapping.

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