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Claire Stefani

New York, New York and Paris, France

Licensed Body Mapping Educator, 2018

Claire Stefani

Claire Stefani is the founder of Volute Service International, an interface between music instrument/accessory makers and orchestral string instrument players and teachers. One of her fields of expertise is to assist upper string players in optimizing their chin/shoulder rest set-up. Claire is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a licensed Body Mapping educator and an avid amateur violist. Her French translation of Jennifer Johnson’s second book “Teaching Body Mapping to children” was published in 2019 (Editions Vandevelde).

Claire has collaborated with New World Symphony, Met Opera, NewYork Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Caramoor’s Evnin Rising Stars, as well as Paris Conservatoire National, Zaragoza Conservatorio Superior de Música and Stockholm Royal College of Music. She also worked with students of prominent musicians such as David Kim (concertmaster Philadelphia Orchestra), Carol Rodland (Juilliard viola professor), Li Lin (Juilliard violin professor), Dimitri Murrath (San Francisco Conservatory viola professor), Susan Dubois (UNT Dallas viola professor), Josep Colomé (violin professor Aragón- Zaragoza, Spain) and Nathan Giem (Concertmaster Dresden orchestra - Germany).

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