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Bridget Jankowski

Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls

B.A., Music (emphasis on piano performance),
St. Joseph’s College, Rensselaer, IN
SAA Registered Suzuki Piano Teacher (All Books plus Supplemental Units)
Licensed Body Mapping Educator, 1998
ABME Sponsoring Teacher, 2021
Author, What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body, revised edition
Author, Body Mapping for Music Ministers

Bridget Jankowski

In 1998, Bridget Jankowski was the first person to become a Licensed Body Mapping Educator after logging more than 150 hours of training with noted Alexander Technique teacher and Body Mapping pioneer Barbara Conable. Bridget is an original member of the Association for Body Mapping Education’s Board of Directors and currently serves the organization as co-chair of the Image Committee, as a member of the Training Committee and Sponsoring Teacher, and most recently was hired to serve as their Executive Director.

Bridget has taught Body Mapping courses and workshops in a variety of settings across the United States as well as online to international audiences. She is the author of the newly revised What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body, and Body Mapping for Music Ministers (GIA). She is also the founder of the Choral Mapping Program, an online Body Mapping curriculum for choirs.

In complement to her Body Mapping work, she is the full-time Director of Music at St. Matthew Parish in Akron, Ohio where she is the principal musician and directs two choirs. She maintains a small private piano and Body Mapping studio and is a sought-after accompanist in the Northeast Ohio area, working with individual soloists, high school choirs and community theaters.

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