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Body Mapping for Singing Balance: A Quantitative Study

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Mandy Moreno

The body of research surrounding BMG is growing rapidly, but we have limited research demonstrating quantifiable postural change as a result of BMG instruction. I recently completed my PhD in Music Education and chose to focus my dissertation research on the application of BMG instruction for choral singers and provide new data for the Body Mapping community.

Using a motion capture system, I measured undergraduate choir students on the six places of dynamic balance and breath capacity. A control group received only basic postural instruction, while an experimental group received specific BMG instruction.

A series of statistical tests provided the following results:
- Significant improvement in A/O and lumbar alignment
- Significant improvement in breath capacity
- The experimental group showed significant improvement across the entire body

These results provide preliminary quantitative evidence that Body Mapping is an effective method for teaching static and singing posture.

Research can be found here:

Mandy Moreno teaches choral music education at Ball State University, having also taught in Oregon, California, Washington, North Dakota, and Germany. Mandy has maintained a private voice/piano studio, worked with church and community choirs, adjudicated for local and state festivals, and music directed for musical theatre productions.

Mandy holds a BA in Music Education from California Baptist University and a M.A.T. from George Fox University. She also holds a Ph.D. in Music Education from the University of North Dakota, where she completed a fully quantitative research study on the use of Body Mapping instruction for singers.

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