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11:00 am

ROWE Recital Hall

There are no Body Mapping Errors: Inclusive Teaching that Creates a Safe Space and Cultivates Belonging (50 Minutes)

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Shawn L Copeland

In this session, we will explore the teaching of somatics from a point of view that above all else, cultivates inclusion and belonging to oneself. We will explore the differences between a body map or body image, and your body schema. We will unpack all that is included in the formation of body maps. We will how language and intention creates safe spaces. Finally, we will how we can teach without reinforcing internalized shame and hidden trauma.

Shawn Copeland is the President and Director of Training for mBODYed, LLC. He is a Sponsoring Teaching Member of Alexander Technique International, and a Licensed Training Mentor of ABME. He is the Co-Director of Training for Inter-Mountain Alexander Training along with Bill Conable. He developed and lead the intervention for two published studies on the efficacy of group teaching of Alexander Technique and Body Mapping for chronic neck pain, and the co-author of Body Mapping for Clarinetists, and Breathing for Clarinetists.

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