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8:00 am

Robinson Lobby

The Iliopsoas: Activate Your Inner Core (50 Minutes)

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Ruth Kasckow

Discover how embodying the iliopsoas can improve your function as a musician and in daily life! This Franklin Method Workshop taught by Ruth Kasckow, LBME and Franklin Method Level 2 Teacher, explores the iliopsoas muscle to give you a clear understanding by using imagery, mapping, anatomy, and movement activities. Find out how the iliopsoas functions as the main flexor of the hip and also assists in alignment, spinal stabilization, breathing, and overall healthy movement.

Ruth Kasckow enjoys a varied career as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral player, flute instructor with private studio in Los Angeles, and Body Mapping Educator since 2010. She recently completed her Franklin Method Level 2 Teacher Training and is currently training for Level 3. She integrates both Body Mapping and Franklin Method in her teaching to help musicians better understand their bodies in movement for improved performance and overall well-being. Her degrees include a BA in Music from Goucher College and an MFA from California Institute of the Arts.

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